Characteristic service

Health integrated machine with routine physical examination function, through the data acquisition system, health management system for comprehensive information analysis, and also can be connected and communicated with medical management system, remote diagnosis system and other medical information management platform.

Based on the Classification and Judgment of Traditional Chinese Medicine standard, carry out intelligent analysis of the integrity and validity of the health information data, automatic produce physical analysis report, and propose a corresponding physical improvement and rehabilitation suggestions.

Carry out pain test with the application of the intelligent meridian physiotherapy chair APP, and then generate customized massage procedures. The system will massage according to your choice, and propose the corresponding recommendations in accordance with your massage parts.

The four members' special health management services

Professional health test and medical equipment provide smart medical equipment provide smart meridian physiotherapy service

Compare big data analysis and find the abnormal timely. Early preventionis healthier

Famous doctor online consultancy has a one-to-one health problems answering. It will be comfort and easier

Make customized health plan to get the health suggestionof expert

Application scenarios